Love is devotion

There is an important story mentioned in Hindu scriptures which prove that Love and Bhakti are the best options to overcome Maya. Legend has it that one day, Sage Narada reached Dwarka and wives of Sri Krishna offered him a gift. Sage Narada wanted to take away Sri Krishna with him as gift.

The wives were not ready to give Sri Krishna. But since they had made a promise; they agreed to give anything that is equal to the weight of Sri Krishna.

Sage Narada agreed and a weighing balance was brought. Sri Krishna sat on one side of the weighing balance. Sathyabama, one of the wives of Sri Krishna, brought all her gold and placed it on the other pan. But the pan of Sri Krishna remained lower.

More gold, silver, diamonds were added to the pan but still the pan of Sri Krishna weighed more.

The wives had no more material possessions left. Then Rukmini, another of Sri Krishna’s wives, removed all gold, silver, diamonds from the pan and with prayers placed a single Tulsi leaf (Basil leaf). Sri Krishna’s side of the weighing balance instantly rose up.

Moral of the Story:

The story symbolically suggests that wealth is not important in life. What matters is pure devotion and truthfulness. It can remove maya and pave the way for liberation.