Once there was a devotee of lord vishnu who prayed and meditated for years. Lord vishnu got pleased by his tapasya and asked him for his wish. Then that devotee said “ I want Lakshmi as my wife” and as per the norm once god gets pleased by a devotee he has to give him what he wants. So lord vishnu assured him that he will get Lakshmi as his wife in his next birth.

Little did he know that he was dealing with lord vishnu. In his next birth goddess Lakshmi took 4 reincarnations as rukhmini,satyabhama,Jambavanti and radha. Radha and krishna are their soulmates from their childhood days. She was mad in love with krishna but ultimately both of them knew why Lakshmi got incarnated as radha so to fulfill that deed she has to marry ayan in spite of loving krishna.

But there is a twist though vishnu gave him vardan to marry Lakshmi , she is the eternal love of vishnu, she can’t divulge with anyone else. So ayan took birth as a transgender or impotent. Though they were married they could never become one.

Radha’s love for krishna didn’t die even after marriage and they both loved each other and met with each other. Though radha physically stayed with ayan her heart always belonged to her love krishna. Once her husband ayan saw her going to the jungle and doubted may be because he is impotent radha is having an extra marital affair. So one day he followed radha along with some people to see where she actually goes. Krishna already came to know about that and took the form of kali(as ayan was a devotee of kali) to save radha from the image of an unfaithful wife. Such was their love.

Just notice the style of standing in one and half legs and the blue color.

Everyone including ayan could see she is praying to goddess kali only radha could see krishna. This form of krishnakali is still worshipped in many parts of our country.

Though krishna couldn’t marry radha he said krishna is incomplete without radha so till the time of eternity they will always be together. There name will always be taken together, worshipped together. Krishna married the other 3 reincarnations of Lakshmi. ultimately he had the whole of Lakshmi(all the four forms).

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