The silent princess The king of Avanti had a daughter named shobha who was as beautiful as she was intelligent. As she grew up her fame spread to the kingdom around Avanti.No wonder that several princes and kings desired to marry her.

The King received proposals galore. He asked the princess, “What do you say”? Whom should we choose for your husband?”

“Father I have no inclination to marry a prince or a king. They are not necessarily wise or intelligent. I can marry a commoner should he prove witty enough!” replied the princess.

I don’t mind marrying a commoner, but how will you judge his wit?” asked the curious king who had a great faith in his daughter capacity to decide for herself.

Father I will keep silent. Whoever can make me talk can marry me,” said the princess.”Not a bad idea, “said the king”. Accordingly announcements were made.

Many young men met the princess and tried to make her talk, but in vain. They returned disappointed.

The prince of sumantpur who was on a tour of the land heard of this condition laid down by the princess for her marriage. He presented him self in the palace , ready to try his luck.

As soon as he saw the princess he feigned surprise and said, “you never told me when you married me at the temple, that you were the princess of Avanti!

“Even then the princess kept silent. The prince looked at the king and said, “It was rainy last year. The princess was returning from her maternal uncle’s house when some bandits tried to kidnnap her. I saved her from them and she married me at the nearest temple.

she has laid down this condition just to avoid marriage with anybody else.”Then turning to princess, he said, “Come on, my wife let us go!”

“Shut up! You have no right to call me your wife! You are lying,” shouted the princess.”Thank you. Now i have the right to call you my wife!” said the prince smiling.That was true, for he had made her talk! Soon they were married amidst pomp and show.

(Courtesy : Chanda Mama – June 1987)