Himavan wanted Parvati to be married to Vishnu. The matter had progressed even further, but Parvati did not want to. Parvati is the first teenager in the world, who dared to fall in love with such a celibate who had taken a vow of strict abstinence.
Shiva only knows the language of penance, so Parvati turns her love for Shiva into penance. Sometimes she does penance by smoking smoke, sometimes by eating dry leaves, sometimes completely fasting. It is a one-sided love, of which Shiva knows nothing because he is a sannyasin, a yogi, having burnt lust and is in that state of unbroken meditation, where no thought, no action, no form can enter.

But the power of penance of love is so amazing, unbeatable that Parvati enters there. Such a big dent in the tomb of Yogiraj Shiva. Distracted. Shiva was mesmerized by the holy beauty of Tapasi girl. Desperate Shiva helpless and helpless in front of Parvati’s love request. Shiva is standing as a bought slave in front of Parvati’s penance. Silent about the matter of marriage, drowning in the ocean of each other’s eyes and getting out where are invisible.
Parvati Trilokasundari, a beautiful princess brought up in a high clan and on the other side Shiva wanders around on an old bull smeared with pyre ashes. Here Parvati adorned with ornaments of auspiciousness and good fortune, and on the other side Shiva covered with snake, Narmund, blood-stained cow skin. Lasya here, Tandav there. Here the auspicious sound of the temple, there echoes in the crematorium.

This unique harmony of auspicious and auspicious, softness and hardness, life and death, raga and virag, rati and nirved is true love. That’s why onlookers see faith here, nothing but faith there. If there is a true call, if there is true dedication, then one day or the other, love forces even a stone to become a stream of water. If a sage like Shiva has fallen in love with a Sukumari like Parvati, then the glory of love increases. Then the world does not seem false. Even in the waterless darkness, the virtue of life starts climbing the stairs of heaven.

After self-realization, the penance by which Shiva got up from the samadhi and conquered all the three worlds, with the same penance Parvati conquered Shiva. Shiva got angry at the beauty of penance. This beauty was flawless, it was innocent, that’s why it was supernatural.
By drowning in the great form of Shiva, Parvati laid the foundation of the world. Love was realized as the reward of penance. The mortification of the crematorium reached the beautiful law of love and became the festival of spring. The snow of Mount Kailas melted and molded into a new life.
The pair of Shiva and Parvati can be called the world’s most mismatched pair, but this pair has become a unique example of love and dedication.

Finally, both of them got married in Oshadhiprastha. All ethos were also done according to the method. The decoration of disinterest was seen for the first time. Himavan and Mainak performed Kanyadan. The gods became witnesses of this wonderful marriage. Himalaya’s daughter left. Gauri adorned with fragrant ornaments and Shiva filled with the curiosity of love reached Gandhamadan-Mountain by tossing the waves of adventure, and got lost somewhere in delightful solitude.

(Source : Contributed by Sanatan Facts on Quora)